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bib's baby pics

these were taken 24th nov 2007, almost a year ago.


she was such a wee little thing. :) she hunted very well, so i never expected her to grow up a problem child. as she got older, she became really, really shy. she refused to hunt her meals when her sibs would, and sometimes at night when everyone was sleeping, i would spot her standing outside her hammock with the meal firmly in her fangs.

nonetheless, she grew up into a beautiful adult spideykid, my little delinquent.

at some point a coupla months ago, i noticed that she had balded quite severely. i took it as a sign of aging, as her mom lucy was balding in the last few months of her life. however, by some miracle, bib has shown no signs of deterioration. so, other than looking a little less pretty, she seems to be still healthy today.

that said, some of my kids did leave me very suddenly (while some did slow down a little), so it's hard to tell if the end is near, really. hopefully, she won't leave without saying goodbye.
Tags: bib, spideykids
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