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12 hours

in the last 12 hours, i have:

1. springcleaned my entire room
2. cleared the clutter that has been on my floor since may
3. reorganised my entire desk and made it work at last
4. re-setup my jvc
5. planned the contents of my new cabinet
6. modified the height of my shoe racks
7. made the wires of the electronics on my desk route a better way
8. wiped every single surface i could reach
9. changed a leaky tap
10. individually wiped and dried every key on my keyboard, my mouse and all the groves in my windows

number 9 was an unexpected event. as i stood at the bathroom door at 9am, leaning on the wall as i watched mother remove the tap that suddenly turned leaky in the middle of the night, i was marveling to myself that she was such a superwoman. and then... she couldn't connect the new tap onto the pipe underneath. oh well. she is still quite super anyway, i thought to myself as i crawled under the sink. when i gave the spanner a final twirl, i realised that i won't be thinking about leaving the country for awhile.

i have discovered that the best way to springclean is to do it while completely zombified. i threw out so many things that i could not have thrown out otherwise, but should have done months ago. why did i not do this earlier? it was so easy.

i have also discovered that wet wipes are my best friends when battling dust. of course, they are less environmentally-friendly than the usual wet rags, but for a major clean-up once in a while, wet wipes produce amazingly pristine surfaces. i didn't use up many - probably about five purse packs for an entire room. and not once did i sneeze during the clean-up.

it is amazing what 12 hours of constant cleaning can do for the soul. salsarina was right. springcleaning is very important to one's life. to springclean your environment is to springclean your life. an email just came in from my boss to say i'm one of the top four performers this year. i guess my braincells didn't die for nothing on those blasted documentaries. it is funny how everything is falling into place... in my room and in my life. i'm not superstitious but every time i do something like this to my living space, some good energies would come back to me. uncanny.

i have been up for 24 hours. i am incredibly beat, but incredibly at peace with myself. i'm finally ready for the end of the year.

and now, i shall go and fall over in bed.

i hope everyone has been well. i miss you all. :)
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