JV (drag0nette) wrote,



new spider! john! two days ago! yay! OMG!

i'll leave you with that. i'm going to try to sleep now. teehee!

okok... john is back from HK and has a new spideykid for me, that he caught two days ago! before i even told him we need to go lucy-hunting! how uncanny! i was just waiting patiently for his return, which i didn't think would be so soon. and then suddenly he's back! and then i tell him we have to find me another lucy, because all my hyllus diardi have passed on and i'm having h. diardi withdrawal symptoms... and then he tells me, oh i have one and you can have her! OMG!

i almost cried when i watched the little vid he took of the new girl. =)

what do youse think of the name lucia?

*dances around the room*
Tags: omfgwheee, spideykids

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