JV (drag0nette) wrote,

lucia arrives!

john came by and brought my new furry girl! =)


this is something i observed of salticids. when their vision is less than crystal clear, they tend to be less jittery and frightened. it's like looking at the world through rose coloured (murky?) lenses. no clear vision = no sight of enemies. like an ostrich with its head in the ground. teehee!

so, lucia was very calm in her little takeaway tub, happy and oblivious.

when i opened the lid, she had a sudden whiff of the world around her and everything suddenly became crystal clear! she panicked, scuttled out of the tub, jumped onto my hand, bounced off and landed on my desk, then jumped onto my hand again, and bounced off again, and made for my imac screen.

so i decided not to try to get an open pic of her for today and just put her in her new home instead. i'll try handling her again when i get some cricket meals for her, make her fat and play with her after that.

she is slightly smaller than lucy and lucien were, but is very sprightly and healthy. she is more happy exploring than lucy was, even though both were adults brought in from the wild. lucy used to spend a lot of her time hiding and staying very still, doing the 'you-can't-see-me-if-i-don't-move' thing.

lucia has chosen a nice little spot for her hammock between the fabric leaf and the ceiling, spun her bed, and turned in for the night.

i feel normal again. i must admit that i have been feeling a little out of sorts when the last of my hyllus diardi passed on. that would be bib, by the way. she left about a week after her big sister, lucien.

thank you, john! she is so impossibly cute.

Tags: hyllus diardi, lucia, spideykids
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