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forgetful me

i brought my little fish net out while running errands, thinking i would go to the field to collect some meals for the spideykids on my way home. i set the net down while sitting down at a counter while picking up something, and promptly forgot to take the net with me when i left!

by the time i realised it and turned back, the shop was closed.

tried to find an aquarium nearby to buy a new net but there were none to be found. sigh. came home and told mother about it. a few hours later, she remarked that she thinks there was one in the storeroom. lo and behold... there was! a really old one, on the brink of tearing... but still would work nonetheless! and i then remember we used to have an aquarium of large angelfish when i was very very little!

will test the 25-year-old net tomorrow in the morning. goodnight, livejournal!

Tags: random update

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