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i barely had time to breathe all day!

so, i didn't want to post this any earlier in case i jinxed it or in case i guessed wrong. lucia has been hiding away in a very thick nest for the past few weeks, emerging for a meal every once a week or so. i have been praying that she has laid eggses. and from her voracious appetite, uncle john and i both thought it was entirely possible.

so! weeks have been flying by. still no sign of bubs. i do remember that hyllus diardi bubs take a super long time to emerge, but there was also the possibility that lucia hasn't mated at all. i did notice that the first time she came out for a meal, she was visibly thinner.

yesterday, she stood outside her nest and just stared at me all day, following my movements. i thought she had something to tell me. i feared that she was trying to tell me she needed a mate.

guess what i saw this morning?

two little ones! =) venturing out for the very first time. my new kids on the block. if i was in the habit of squealing, i would have squealed. but i wasn't, so i merely stared at them with saucer eyes and beamed like a crazy person.

momma lucia has been transferred to a new home so i can deal with the bubbas without freaking her out. she is extremely fat from a recent cricket meal and still seems to be hunting for more food, so i think she will have at least one more clutch. poor little dear is trying to find her way back to her old nest, unaware that she is in a different little world now. i'm so sorry sweetie!

i can't believe how blessed i have been with this very lovely species. first it was lucy, found by uncle john, and came to us already gravid. she gave me the most wonderful spideykids, and they grew up beautifully. tiga and lucien were the largest adults of their kind ever spotted. they all had such fantastic, individual personalities. unfortunately, being a more delicate species, mating attempts were not successful and lucy's genes could not be continued. lucia came to me when i was missing my wonderful furry darlings, once again found by uncle john, and amazingly, once again gravid!

i'm loving 2009 so far. and it's only going to get better.

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