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transfusion scare


so, i saw a new doc today and she was really worried when she laid eyes on me. she said i looked really pale and there was no blood in my hands etc etc. i was like, really? but... i look like this all the time anyway? she asked if i have been feeling easily tired recently. i said, no? she insisted on sending me for a blood test and said she might have to send me for a blood transfusion.

blood transfusion!!! wow! i was flabbergasted. but i feel absolutely fine?

so, i sacrificed a test tube of blood to the nurse and the results were pretty normal. doc was apologetic for holding us up. it was probably unbelievable to her that someone as pale as i am could exist and be normal. haha! i told her the only sun i get is from sitting next to my window at my desk.

my iron level is only slightly low, so she gave me iron tablets. need to start getting my monthly steak meals again.

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