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a buffet and a random update

the spideykids had a fruitfly buffet today. =)

sorry for the sporadic-ness of this entry but i don't know how to bring everyone up to speed properly so i'm just gonna jump in and post whatever comes to mind. hehe!

i currently have eight babies, from mommy lucia who has already passed on. she had four clutches in total, and i have at least one baby from each. i kept more of the first, a few of the second, and one each of the third and fourth.

on the humans front, i have finally done the surgery that i mentioned some time ago. was it two years ago or something? it turned out that keyhole surgery wasn't an option, so i had open surgery. i always thought it was minor, until i was admitted and overheard the nurses talking about the "major operation tomorrow". *blink*

the ten minutes i spent waiting outside the operation theatre for my turn was the longest ten minutes of my life.

i had morphine on tap after the operation. it wasn't as fun as people think it is, but it did make sleeping rather pleasant. i slept for like an entire day or two. then after that, i caught on that they would not take the drip off me as long as i was still needing the morphine, so i stopped pressing the button. i hated having the drip in my arm. wanted to get rid of it pronto. =(

strangely, there wasn't much pain. it was mostly just inconvenience and fear of ripping the wound open.

the four days in hospital were the longest four days of my life. never been so happy to get home when i eventually did. =)

much thanks to salsarina and lennon for being the first two friendly faces i saw afterward - even though i could only keep one eye open; my chocolatechip muffin marianne for the long distance phone call; ness for making me dinner and deb for bringing her laptop; kate, kenneth, amanda and hosea for visiting with flowers, fruit and food; my big sister linda for the love from new york; my boss for being understanding; vince for the frequent chats during my recovery month; and mother for everything she has done for me. =)

so that was more than a month ago. i'm pretty much ok now. not 100% yet but that's gonna take time. the entire experience is something i hope i never have to go through again, especially the part where they made me climb back onto my bed from the trolley after the surgery. i had no idea why they couldn't just lift me back. that was my least favourite incident out of the entire hospital stay. the runner-up would be the time the nurse on duty decided to forcibly empty the drip bottle into me so that she could change to a new bottle right away, causing my arm to swell like a pig's trotter. the swelling went down after they finally took the drip off me, but the pain in my arm lasted for more than a month.

yes, never again, would be good.

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