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buko nero

we booked this dinner one month in advance. because there was no other way to do it. buko nero has a waiting list that long, yes. but it was well worth the wait, and the moolah splashed! it was my 'first pay' dinner treat to V for being such a great pal, moira for being such a wonderful cheerleader-girlfriend, and sarge for, well, being sarge. :)

a lovely, cosy little restaurant which felt like a temporary teleportation out of Singapore. warm atmosphere (though cold air-con), warm people and fuckin kickass food. the prettiest wooden bowl of bread i've ever seen came in time to save sarge's gastronomical emptiness. we were then served delicious appetisers, compliments of the chef, in cute little porcelain pots. my tuna pastry thingy with cherry tomatoes on top was absolutely yum. the boys had quaint slices of egg custard stuff which tasted like a perfect blend of the east and west.

tuna carpaccio really rocked, as did the porcini mushroom soup with truffle oil. the former was paper-thin sliced, with sprinkles of fried onions and baby spinach. the latter was rich without being greasy. truffle oil is to die for! it must have been the best mushroom soup i've ever slurped on.

eggplant was a little too heavily cheesed, but i still liked it since i'm such a cheese freak. served like a mini cottage pie.

after which, metal cups of home-made sorbet arrived for us to clear our palate before the mains are served. definitely a very authentic home-style with tiny shreds of herbs throughout fine ice bits. very refreshing and absolutely enjoyable.

moira ordered the cod fish main. succulently fresh, though it could have been a little more exciting in terms of seasoning and taste. looked the best out of all our mains, in my opinion. mushrooms and sauce were very yummy.

sarge's veal was melt-in-your-mouth tender. looked like a mess, but tasted goooood.
my duck thingy wrapped in parma ham was my favourite main of the night. there's something about juicy duck flesh combined with savoury ham which works like a charm on your taste buds. with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

didn't get a good pic of V's pasta because of flash and focusing problems. some peeps in the restaurant were getting abit miffed at my flashes going off. :P the desserts were fabulous! creme brulee could have been better without the taste of tea in it, but the cinnamony taste was rather nice. horlicks ice cream ruled! milo ice cream wasn't bad too... but man, that horlicks ice cream thing is out of this world. choc cake was good too, though i was too busy attacking the horlicks.
the boys had coffee at the end of our very satisfying dinner...

funny thing was, towards the end of the dinner, one couple walked in and wanted to get a table. haha! V was doing a perfectly bitchy rendition "tsk tsk! who do they think they are? just waltz in and expect to get a table?"

get in line and wait for a month, mate! :)
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