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a lucid christmas

it has been a wonderful few weeks leading up to this christmas day. countless cards written, gifts hunted down and wrapped, parcels shipped out to various parts of the world... i loved it all. christmas is definitely my favourite festive holiday of all. :)

i am blessed to have my loved ones, especially my sister in NY, my BFFs in NH and melbourne, and wonderful friends in various cities around the world. without them, i would not have overcome the difficult times in 2009 with such ease.

i am thankful for the pearls of wisdom i have received at timely moments from different people. i am glad to be able to see people for who they are. sometimes, it may be disappointing when people change, let you down, or simply weren't who you thought they used to be, but life is a journey and i still believe that everything happens for a reason. i still like to see the good in people and not live my life in negativity.

that said, when it becomes apparent that certain people have become toxic, it is time to cut the ties. life is indeed too short to be wasted on being nice to people who just do not appreciate you, or those who take you for granted.

this christmas, i am thankful... that i am still able to see and to love.

merry christmas, livejournal! may you see with the light in your eyes and feel with the love in your hearts.

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