JV (drag0nette) wrote,

round and round we go

i have always been irresistibly drawn to carousels. probably fuelled by my childhood love of horses. as a wee kiddo, i would always insist on going on a carousel whenever i saw one. mom would always try to stop me because she knew what would surely happen. but i guess my obstinate nature started way back then - she would end up letting me go on a pretty carousel horsie of my choice. as the music started and the carousel began to spin, i would be all smiley and happy for all of one single round - before i get giddy from vertigo and start to cry. :p

it happened countless times. at every fair we went to. each time, i was determined to enjoy it. each time, i got off the ride in tears. i remember my brothers consoling me. it all seems so silly now. :)

still, carousels are more than a little magical to me. perhaps i am just a hopeless romantic. perhaps i am still that very silly little girl. :)

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