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yuming came by to the pub on saturday night for a coupla beers. it was a crowded night, because soccer matches were on live telecast. people had started streaming in early and there was only one table unoccupied when she arrived. so we planted ourselves there and chin-wagged all night.

next to our table was a buncha old men. drunk old men. loud, drunk old men.

we were oblivious to the rest of the happenings in the pub until late towards the end of the night, one of the old men came and sat at our table. uninvited. he leered at us and talked to us in drunk sentences which we could not make out. we smiled politely, and nodded and laughed with him. someone pulled him away and we took the chance to go to the loo.

when we came back, barely ten minutes passed before the old dude plonked himself down again. he warbled something about wanting to pay for our company tonight. we were like, WTF? and he repeated himself, though this time he said he was merely asking on behalf of another old dude at their table. he asked if 200bux was ok. by this time, i was finding the whole thing rather ridiculous. i laughed and repeated to yuming, "200bux!!" and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

the old dude then asked me to quote a price. i lashed out at him, "you won't be able to afford it". he took offense and retreated, commenting that i had become "very tall" (in hokkien, along the lines of being high and mighty). the other old man, whom i assume is their 'ringleader' turned around and started to speak to us.

now, this dude was even more drunk than the first dude. he spoke in broken sentences, sometimes stopping mid-sentence to keel over for a few seconds. sometimes mid-word. most times, he doesn't continue the sentence or word he stopped in the midst of.

at first, he said sorry. then it progressed into (what we could make out of) a dressing down of us being too big for our boots, and that we should take care of ourselves because he doesn't want to see us die in front of him. i was smiling away at him, but he took it as me laughing at him (which, was true but oh well). i don't know if what he said was meant to be a threat but i had such an urge to kick him in the head right there and then.

don't fuckin threaten me for refusing to sleep with you.

yuming then mouthed silently that she wanted to get away from them. we then proceeded to move our asses to the bar and watched them from the corner of our eyes till they left. it took them another hour or so to leave, stumbling and mumbling.

never seen them before. don't want to see them ever again.

wish my gangster boys had been around, this wouldn't have happened (or might have gotten uglier? :P)

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