JV (drag0nette) wrote,

aylee anne

My little friend finally came home today after a month of anticipation! <3

Meet Aylee Anne. :) (try saying her name quickly)

I worked closely with her creator, a very talented lady, Mel, in Canada, to customise this adorable baby right down to her little heart belly button and hands, as well as her little cloak and booties! She turned out even cuter than I expected! I'm in love with my baby alien! :)

More pictures tomorrow! :) I must get pics of her beautifully made clothing pieces. Mel did an awesome job! Will post a link to her site via comments when I hop on the iMac. For the impatient, you can search "moomeez" on Etsy!

Am already thinking of possible sisters for Aylee Anne. Marcie Anne? Lily Anne? Maybe I will make this an annual thing! A Moomeez a year! Don't know if I can hold out that long but we'll see!

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