JV (drag0nette) wrote,

the arrival

The call from the delivery guy came this morning. These people work fast! I likey. :)

Let's start with the small item! :)

Tadah! My first Chloe wallet. :)

Can't get over how cute the tiny lock is! And it's a working lock with the tiny key! <3 at first sight!

And now... The big item! Introducing... Miss Porcelain!

That was how she arrived. After fiddling with everything and customising her the way I want her to be...

I have this compulsive thing I MUST do with all the key straps. :P They must be neat and the key must not dangle too low or hit everything when swung around. I also prefer to have the leather tabs under the lock so the lock doesn't bash around so much (hence less prone to chipping).

Yes. I am a purse geek.

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Tags: chloe, vanityfare, via ljapp
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