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the coffee connection

caught up with my salsarina last night after a long hiatus. she has sold her life to her school work and bascially lives in her studio now, and goes home just for showers. when we met up at last, she hadn't slept for two days (but looked perfectly fine, thanks to being well-trained by the nature of her course). missed this babe!

tcc does a pretty decent macaroni gratin. looks tiny, but fills ya right up ( unless you're a big dude with a bottomless pit for a tummy). it was piping hot cheese drenched over tender, savoury mushrooms and tiny macaroni bits which weren't too hard nor too soggy. *slurp*

we shared this, with two glasses of caffe latte. i hadn't had coffee for a longass time and this one basically killed me - jittery as fuck all night at the pub afterwards, despite all the whiskey i was fed. no more coffee for me from now on! especially not on cranky days... makes your mind go a thousand miles an hour in frooty loops!

still feeling the after effects this morning - call me a cranky biatch!

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