JV (drag0nette) wrote,

the hello kitty invasion 2

These came back with me from Japan. :)

I was never a big fan of Hello Kitty as a little girl. I mean, she was cute, yes. But I never paid her much attention then. Maybe I was too enamoured with my scruffy old teddy bear.

But in recent years, I have formed some awesome friendships with some awesome girls in various parts of the world. And some of them LOVE Kitty-chan so! Hence, having more access to Kitty merchandise, I have been looking out for cute things to send to my friends. In the process, it probably conditioned me for my little romp in Japan!

It was a Sanrio explosion in Japan! I actually loved every bit of it. Mingster and I even went to Puroland, a Sanrio theme park, where we met Kitty-chan in person!

I grew up a little bit of a tomboy, who wouldn't be caught dead in anything pink with frills. Right into my late twenties. I'm over it now. I think life needs a little more color and happy cuteness, and I'm not afraid to show the world that there is a place for Hello Kitty in my bag.


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