JV (drag0nette) wrote,

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mad, crazy tired

Just done with one project. A few hours of rest, and it's on to the next. I'm about to keel over.

Oh, this project was lovely, one of my favourites, reworked. But man, the editing was crapola towards the end!

Am not looking forward to the next one... But, dive into it, I will.

So tired I'm not sure I can crawl to my bed. Maybe I should just sleep here on my keyboard...

Tags: work

  • work fatigue is...

    trying to play from a DVD drive of which the tray is open and empty.

  • oopsy daisy

    My boss is ignoring me after I told her I'm going away for three weeks again in July. :P

  • goddammit

    Am quite fricken annoyed with myself. Why the hell do I keep sliding back? It's 3 fricken 20 am. I'm going to sleep at 1am tonight even if it kills…

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