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his new wish

toyota wish, that is. we picked it up today. a scorching hot arvo, blazing sun, sweaty men in a huge paya lebar compound chock full of cars - new ones, wrecked ones, what-have-you's... awaiting their new life, pretty add-on's, or the fate of death by scrapyard. it was a toss up between gun-metal and white... and white it is. gleaming, pristine pureness against the stark contrast of sleek tinted black windows... very nice indeed. and of course, the smell of new leather...

i'm not so psycho now after our car mission. i think sweating it out in the hot sun did something good for me. perhaps i just needed some vitamin d. sarge has gone to the pub first to interview some chicks because one of the girls is quitting. pity, i was just starting to get along with her... she has a really sweet commando bf who comes to the pub every night to wait for her. sometimes, he helps her with the cleaning up and stuff too. but i guess no boy would be comfortable with his girl working the publife for long.

aight. time to shower, take ripley for a walk, then mosey over to the pub.

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