January 19th, 2005




even though it was above 50. the passing mark is 70. not good enough.

this is way below the first result i got from the same exam almost 2 years ago. i had missed by 3 marks. i'm getting worse and worse am i not?

markers' comment: Too free a translation in some segments.
(as opposed to "Too literal a translation in some segments.")

i've been doing translations for about 2 years now, since returning to sg from aus. my work requires me to translate scripts and synopsis' into the most fluent english possible, to take the whole damned thing and restructure every sentence - while retaining the original meaning of course. this is required of my work in sg. and i now realise my work in sg is taking me further and further from the standards set by NAATI in aus.

i have shelved my word for word techniques while ploughing on with the work here in sg.

although it is debatable which technique is a better one, fact remains that NAATI wants to see word for word translation from me.

i was amongst the top 3 in my level 2 interpreting class. i topped the english segments. people came to me for help in class. i aced all my presentations, one of which had one mark deducted only because i went overtime.

how can i be fucking over my level 3 so many times? why? what the fuck is wrong with me?
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