January 21st, 2005


dream job

fell out of the sky and landed in my lap today.

i received a call yesterday arvo, from an old friend.

went for a 20-minute chat today and met his partner. nice office... very niiiiiiiiice. 26th floor, laaaarge glass windows. blue skies.

they even told me they won't be paying me as low as my expected salary.

the icing on top was when they told me to find 2 people to work in my team. of my choice!

probably starting 1st feb.

full time translator.

brand new Asian food tv channel.

some weird hand of fate has been pushing and pulling me this week. like a ragdoll. up and down and round and round.

super freaky. i wasn't even looking for a job. am barely coping with my freelance work, and have always told people "i'm gonna take a break from full time work. no, not looking for a job yet. want to just chill and see what happens".

and THIS happens.

siiiiiik, mate!
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