February 15th, 2005


purty thing and purty people

my ibook has landed.


thank fuck for the wireless airport (not the one where planes take off and land at... the airport is literally, a port through the air). i haven't been online from my room since hmmmm.. lemme count, 1995? since then, the phone line has been taken out from my room, when i went to aus. one of my brothers got married (moved out, had babies yada yada yada) and his room got converted into a study where the cable was setup.


i'm now shmoozing around on my new friend, checking out what exciting things we can get up to.

AH. yes. i can finally get my photos out of my camera. finally! (the dinosaurus-ancient-fossil-poota was indeed so old that downloading photos was not a possibility).

man... photobucket had a fit or a few babies. simply refused to accept photos for the longestass time. i better not stress it out too much by being overtly enthused about flooding it with months' worth of pix. so here are just a few from today...

windows on club street. food was just average (my medium rare steak was well done in most places). beer was cheapass (5bux for half a pint, 7bux for a pint)... excellento. have not seen a half pint glass like that since melbourne. service was slow as fuck... but the place was lovely, and we had a good spot. not bad considering we were slackarses and only tried to book a table just hours before. ha.

eyes are finally getting tired. more excitement awaits when i'm done with sleep... i will be viewing my workplace of the near future! please let me have a window seat!
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