April 19th, 2005


gourmet grill

at dempsey's hut with sarge's mates on sunday evening.

open-air chill-out, hoegaardens on tap, rustic wooden floors and benches, lush green surroundings, and the irresistible aroma of fresh meat on the barbie...

I had the lamb chops which were very yummily seasoned, though just a tad too cooked. lamb-eaters will know that lamb needs to be medium-rare to be perfect (that's why in places that know their stuff, you should never even be asked how you want your lamb done). they didn't ask, but this one is like medium-well.the fatty bits were very nice though. portions were generous, and the mashed potato is absolutely gorgeous - rich and buttery with just a little dash of salt. the vegies were... well, just vegies.

sarge had a steak. was it sirloin or ribeye? can't remember, but the same gripe - a little overcooked. though it still did have some nice, bloody juices in the centre...

t'was quite a lovely experience in general... but perhaps next time we will remind them to keep everything medium rare...

we went on a durian mission after that. bugis was the location to attack... it was a good idea. :) my hands were too dirty to take any pics of those super-yummilicious durians we gobbled down. mmmmm.... durians. there's something very basic and primitive about eating a durian. it brings to mind the days long gone of squatting around newspapers spread on the floor, the family all around, faces and lips and hands all plastered with rich yellow durian flesh.

delicious fruit. delicious memories.

i think durian missions are quite special to me in this very strange way.

ps. we bought a very pretty glass chess set for $9.90! right beside the durian place was this chinky place selling cheapass goods! tidbits, toiletries and what-nots. can't wait for chess-time!

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