May 1st, 2005


backdated I - bad food in tanglin mall

this is a backdated entry because the photographs were stuck in my camera when ripley ate the usb.

well, we were grocery shopping at tanglin mall and grabbed a quick bite in the foodcourt. oh my, it was such a mistake. tsk tsk.

this was sarge's korean kimchi noodle thingy. looked great, smelt excellent, tasted like crap.

i decided to grab a platter of fish and calamari stuff, which came with wedges (those pale yellow things on the right hand side of the photo, uhhuh). they were the worst wedges i've ever sunk my teeth into. the fish was too thin with too much batter, the calamari tasted like fried fritter rings with chewy rubberbands in the middle.

hey, i'm as aussie as you get but that's no reason to defend terrible food. urk.
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the jb day

man, i haven't had such a longass day for awhile. and that's saying alot because i've been packing heaps into my days recently, as my mates will know (office days and pub nights, almost everyday and every night).

well, yesterday was even harder-core.

synn (my colleague) and i have been eagerly awaiting our JB shopping day. her husband was driving in for a day trip and she roped me in to keep her company, so we girls can do our shopping while the boys do whatever it was that they wanted to do.

so on friday, i had quite an early night, and went home instead of sarge's so i can get my ass over to synn's place in punggol mid-morning. managed to hail a cabbie on saturday morn who didn't fuckin know where punggol mrt was (he insisted that there are 2 mrt stations there) and went around in circles. simply amazing how this guy earns his keep as a cabbie.

anyways, i finally jumped into synn and hubby's car. we had a good combination of people which made the journey rather enjoyable. i guess it helped that synn's friend and hubby are also 'similarly warped' people and understood our brand of humour.

traffic in jb was horrendously chaotic. the weather was extremely fuctup (41 degrees celsius?!).

our guide in jb was a nice fella called maurice, who is synn-hubby's work contact. maurice brought along his brother-in-law, an elderly man who was so passionate about food that he insisted on taking us on long, sweltering treks through the streets of jb in search of the best local delights. now, all synn and i wanted was to be deposited in the mall and be left to our own devices but that was deemed 'too dangerous' by her hubby. so we had to follow. goddayum - it was the hottest, stickest few hours i've ever endured outside of exercising. i'd much rather be on my blades in east coast, perspiring for a better reason than that. oh, don't get me wrong, i LOVE food (as you can tell from my blog). but the mee pok we had at the end of that long trek was just average. i couldn't even finish it. but then maybe it was because i was just too hot to eat.

but what's worth a mention was the brekkie place we were at before the mee pok mission. it was a quaint, old coffeeshop. two-storeys, scarily steep flight of stairs, oldskool tables, chairs and windows. we had soft-boiled eggs and toast with butter. pure heaven. i slurped it all up too quickly to grab any shots. :P

we were also made to trek on to an oldskool bread shoppe. so off we went, meandering through the burning streets again on foot. it was quite cool to see the place though. a pretty damned old place with a hole in the wall where they baked bread.

the boys wanted to drop by holiday plaza before coming with us to city square. so once again, we had to follow. we managed to get away from them, after discovering that our mobiles had been put on alternative networks by our providers. so we were allowed to wander.

i got my paws on a hot cup of corn, one of my fave snacks. the ones in singapore have been rather unsatisfying of late, with not enough butter or not been steamed long enough. now THIS cup of corn was sheer, sinful heaven. it was soft and juicy, spurting in your mouth with each crunch, and literally swam in butter.
woulda been really detrimental to my health if i had slurped up all the butter. perhaps i woulda had a stroke there and then.

anyways, it was almost 5pm before synn and i finally got to dig in to our shopping fiesta at city square. we jampacked 'efficient-shopping' sessions in every shop - no lingering, just zoom through the racks and zero in on things which catch our eyes.

we finally left jb late evening. by the time we reached singapore streets, it was 9pm. grabbed dinner with the gang in an old neighbourhood where my primary school used to be. the fried rice sucked but the prawn rolls rocked bigtime.

bade the bunch farewell and was trying to flag a cab when i realised i hadn't had a cig all day. fumbled with the bags, grappled with my ciggie box and lighter and juggled my mobile as sarge rang to see where i was. my presence was required at the pub because my best mate nicole had arrived with her hubby and sis-in-law. i insisted on having my shower first - i was at the point where i wasn't doing anything or going anywhere without getting all the schmuck off myself.

eventually got in to the pub at midnight. it was another hour or so before we finally made it back to sarge's and fell into bed.

what a day.


here's the loot:

2X black heels @ RM49 and RM69. black crochet shawl @ RM80+. baby blue halter top @RM18. denim cropped jacket @RM59. a shirt for sarge @ RM109.

my fave buy - black stilettoes for RM69!
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