May 8th, 2005



i am, i am. i am a yam!

i am a geek yam.

and these are my new toys. notice the nicely coordinated white hue...

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the unxpected

had their 3rd anniversary last night at wala's. i'm still a little deaf right now. but it rocked, and it rocked hard.

i had wala's porkys for dinner, along with a huge plate of fries. yum yum!

in the company of a very dear friend, my daaarling!

the link function seems to be abit fuct right now, but i was gonna say The Unxpected ( has to be one of the best live bands in singapore right now. happy anniversary!
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scroll back

for two backdated food entries. last wed and last sunday.

especially peeps who are missing singapore food.

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