May 25th, 2005


a pretty piece of heaven

the light that shines
through the clouds
within the depths
of ourselves
a serenity that pierces
through the blues
to take charge
and conquer
every speck of darkness
and every drop of rain

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midweek misc.

my mother is ill.

they're not sure what's wrong with her. so much for all that lovely wikked technology and science bullcrap. and they sure are taking their own sweet time to get to the root of the problem.

our last serious brush with the medical profession in singapore was almost 13 years ago. my mother had a minor operation from which she almost died because of negligence.

no, i don't suppose i have reason to have very much faith in the top doctors in singapore.

on a less serious note, i've been fighting a fever all day. my whole team at work is on the brink of caving in to illness. laura and i sported matching fevers, synn was attacked by sniffles, and vel coughed through the day. i made my girls pop a vitamin c (with rosehip) each after lunch, and we made an unofficial pact to sleep early tonight.

ooops, i'm slightly late for bed. :P

this goddamned fever is so not gonna takeover me because i'm doing afterwork blading with the K.A. tomorrow. please fuck off, fever!

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