June 4th, 2005


country manna

synn and i decided to have dinner together last night, after staying back with vel till 930pm to make sure everything was in accordance with our mini-deadline. we were gonna treat ourselves to japanese feed, but we were 5 goddamned minutes too late! i guess 930pm is a rather late hour... sigh. we got there just after their call for last orders.

so anyways, we settled for country manna instead.

big up's for prompt service! my puff pastry soup came almost straight away... and i ate it too fast to take a pic. :P

our baked rice came piping hot. just the right thing to feed our starving tummies after a long day of hard work. manna, indeed!

i snapped synn's chicken baked rice with the flash on just so the steam wafting up from it can be seen.

my mushroom baked rice was good, but they coulda piled on more cheese. and it was lacking a little something too... perhaps some bacon or ham would have completed the taste.

we ended up gobbling it all up because synn's hubby called to say he was coming to pick us up. yay! she was beaming all through dinner, and i must say, i was impressed. :) and definitely beaming too since i was getting a ride home. :D

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a little something

from our intern, jerr.

these little jars looked so sweet, i couldn't resist snapping them. got a coupla amused looks from sam in the next cubicle while i was at it too, who said something about "... finding out more about your colleagues' fascinating quirks as days go by".

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a tiny piece of the past

i wore a piece of my childhood today.

when i was a mere little girl, probably about 8 years old, my favourite uncle gave me a beautiful butterfly brooch with the prettiest blue wings and silver trimming. i loved it so much, i'd take it out of its box just to look at it for a few moments before putting it back reverently.

i was the apple of my uncle's eye. the day before i was to attend my first day of kindergarten, he gave me lotsa huggles and a big fat kiss on my cheek, saying "if anyone tries to bully you or wants to kiss you, you must say you already have a boyfriend who has stolen your first kiss!"


over the years, we grew apart as life got in the way. but once in awhile, when we do cross paths during big family get-togethers, he'd give me that little wink i used to know as a child. we don't have to speak for me to know that i'll always be that little apple in his eye.

and this, is my favourite brooch. always.

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