June 5th, 2005



woke up bright and early this morning, the first time in a long while on a sunday. 930am or thereabouts. heh. amazing.

ate a piping hot char siew bun for brekkie and trundled to far east plaza for my hair appointment. i was way early and spent some time ambling around. man, i've not been part of the far east plaza mob for sucha longass time. peeps are getting younger and younger around here! ummm. yeh, that's what it is.

michelle, my long hair guru arrived and we began the long process of whipping my hair into shape. one toilet break, two magazines, one pork chop rice with poached egg, a can of green tea, six sms's, and many hours later, i have baby-soft hair again!

now that i've got my hair texture sorted, i can go visit my cute little stylist boy dexter in a coupla weeks to work his magic and give me my layers. michelle disapproves of excessive layering, so i've never asked her to do my cutting. :P besides, dexter's such a stylemeister, i don't really want anyone else to cut my hair but him!

aight, enough of fluff babble about hair.

found some really lovely beads in a little bead shoppe in the basement of far east plaza. not sure what i'm gonna do with them yet. i might pass them on to a bracelet artist i found recently, and ask her to design something for me. in fact, i'm collecting my first piece by her tomorrow. mmm... very exciting!

was walking to primitive to look for jerry for a smoke together, passed mazzario on the way and decided to pop in and say hi to candy. lo and behold, val was there too. we dragged candy along for chicken rice... though she didn't eat a single grain. but she did provide entertainment by swirling soya sauce in the saucer to cover every inch without spilling any. very skilful indeed.

i know the food doesn't look spectacular but this is one of the bestest chicken rice stalls in town. it doesn't have to look good to taste good. and the salted vege soup is superb.

after a ciggie on the bridge, we split ways. i ran into joyce and her boy while taking a peek at runners in nike and had a quick 'instant-noodle' style catchup. everything jampacked into 5 minutes while standing in the middle of the store. promises were made for a sit-down 'full-course' session soon. :)

home early and feeling rather good. my hair feels fab and i caught up on lotsa zzz's this weekend.

would i weird people out if i say i'm looking forward to the work week ahead?

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