June 15th, 2005



farmer's rosti @ marche, to be precise. last tues (yes, i'm lagging... alot).

gobbled this down for dinner at marche with the K.A. and her boy, before we caught The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. i was running a fever and my head felt like it contained a brick instead of my brain. but i sure as hell wasn't gonna miss the movie because it's based on one of the most important books in my list of literary favourites, and the K.A. was solely responsible for getting me to read it when we were teenagers. nope, no fever nor migraine was keeping me from this!

it was one of the first books which got me into sci-fi, the other being Ender's Game.

so anyways, this decadent plate of crispy bacon and tender potato strips was super sinful and absolutely fantastic, even though my appetite was crap... i still finished it very willingly. doesn't get much better than this!

ps. the movie rocked bigtime! you need to be a hitchhiker's fan to understand though... don't waste your moolah if you're not.
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