July 1st, 2005


ice cold beer

i love photoshop.

text to follow tomorrow... i just spent a longass time returning to my photoshop roots of yonder years. :) :) :)
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ice cold beer II

met up with my melb lovelies, jean and clarry @ ice cold beer coupla nights ago. it was a fuckin kickass night, started with a few hoegaardens and developed into rounds and rounds of some bottled beer which i can’t remember the names of.

i presented jeano with a pressie i picked out for her from my fave jewellery shoppe. crystals and baubles strung in a suitably whimsical manner to adorn her neck. i was gonna wait till the end of her stay and pop it as a farewell gift, but she has just had the most horrible weekend and is about to go for dental surgery as well. i guess there’s no better time for a little pampering. :)

shermin and his friend mayleng joined us a little while later and more beer was had. i was starving and wanted to try the famous ice cold beer chicken wings. so we did. and man, they were fanfuckintastic. this has gotta be one of the best chicken wings i’ve ever sunk my teeth into besides millie’s home recipe. sooooper crispy and dooooper jooooocy! :)

audrey came by after work and even more beers turned up on our table. it was deemed too early to head home to bed, and the bunch headed to liquid room, sans audrey because she was tired and had a job which requires mucho energy physically and mentally. it’s been awhile since i last stepped into liquid room, and it was great to see a few familiar faces. the best part was having clarry and jean beaming at me when the doofdoof kicks in. nothing needed to be said, and everything was understood.

we made a pact to come out in our old doofin’ sneakers next wed. sneakers of past glory days in dusty warehouses and powdered floors, will come to life again for just one night!
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