October 2nd, 2005


the soup restaurant

dinner on friday night with mel. the soup restaurant @ paragon.

i got held up at work, because some of my girls finished their work late. so i had to skip drinkies with belle and the rest because mel was already in town waiting for me. i've been missing spending time with belle, gotta make some time soon.

so anyhow, mel and i were sitting in the queue outside the soup restaurant, mosing over the menus. as we decided on the few things we wanted to order, we realised in delight that the set menu for 2 covers just about what we wanted. wicked!

that ginger chicken thingy is just absolutely fantastic. basically, you grab a piece of lettuce and wrap some chicken and ginger paste in it. roll it all up as best as you can, and stuff it into your eagerly awaiting gap. pure heaven. you can also experiment with various methods of consumption, such as little bites, big bites, and wolfing it down. i was such a dribbling slob, because it tasted oh-so-good, i didn't give a shit about manners and stuff. :)

i didn't touch anything else, including my poor bowl of neglected rice until i was halfway through the chicken. :P the fish was average, though it could have been paled in comparison. old cucumber and pork rib soup was thick and flavourful. and i haven't had sweet potato leaves in awhile... always a pleasure to munch on these. :)

we could almost finish it all... almost! snow fungus dessert was refreshing and light on the palate. a lovely way to round up the feast!

38bux for 2 peeps. not bad, i'd say, for authentic chinese cooking, prompt service and a cosy dining atmosphere. :)
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alley bar

on friday night, with the girlies.

and a coupla boys who gatecrashed. ;)

it was supposed to be our girls' night out, but went a little pear-shaped. :) esther couldn't come out till late anyway, so our original plans went out the window. t'was a nice cosy affair, nonetheless. we all had a good chin-wag. :)

next time at alley, i'm havin' one of them slushie thingies. *slurp* brain freeze!
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the wonders of online shopping

*** warning: frivolous cottonwool candyfluff post again***

a coupla weekends ago, i trawled the net for murano glass stuff. i love venetian beads, especially millefiori. i had these images in my head as i crawled through the web... and lo and behold, the very same thing popped up on my screen!

so i had to order them. :)

and they arrived today!

due to some cock-up with the bank, i will be receiving another set of these same ones. if anyone fancies them, i'm letting the spare ones go at 40bux a pair (they cost a hefty 140 for 3 pairs, because of shipping costs from germany). if no one else appreciates millefiori, i'll be pretty darned happy to take them to my trinket lady and get her to work her magic - and i'll have variations of stuff i love!
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