October 7th, 2005



i almost lost my best friend on monday.

a horrific car accident happened in kuching on monday just past. 6 people in a toyota. 1 dead, 1 severely concussed, 2 severely injured with broken limbs and internal bleeding. KA and her man got pretty bad bumps on their heads, but they're relatively ok.

still in a bit of a shock when i think about it. as i was reading her email today, my throat caught and i couldn't speak for awhile. such a close, close shave... it could have been any of them in that fatal front seat, or any of the other positions which were pretty bad as well. such a close, close shave with fate... and death.

i shall spare the gory details here, but when i try to see the scene from her eyes, from the words she has put through to me - my mind freezes over in horror.

thank god you're ok, dude. you cannot imagine how fuckin' glad i am.

don't forget you have to come back and watch sin city with me, mmmkay? you must come back in one piece, mmmkay? we're gonna do the runway blading thingy again when you're done travelling, mmmkay?

so much sorrow for the singaporean man who was driving, the man who lost his wife. i don't know this man, but my heart weeps for him... for no one deserves to have a loved one depart like that.

life can be so fragile...
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