October 22nd, 2005


last week

i've been slack. and tired.

here're pics from last saturday @ pool room with my pal V and his mates.

the pool room has changed heaps... it's a funkier and more casual atmosphere now. it used to be such a serious pool place. :P i don't mind it being either really, so long as the tables are still well-maintained.

met a coupla lovely new peeps, who are old friends of V's - chris, her hubby and tennant. chris is a mom-to-be! congratulations! :)

t'was also goth-purple's first night out. :)

i've taken the plunge and changed all my gold bits to silver (white gold and surgical steel, actually). black pearls were also on their first night out, as well as purple suede tocco.

takes a little getting used to, i must say. i'm still very blue at heart. it's a refreshing change though... let's see how long i go before i wake up one day and change everything back to gold and blue. :P

colour does have an amazing effect on people. i feel like a slightly different person since the change... just a little more sinister... ;)
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