October 27th, 2005



another early birthday treat - my first birthday pressie of the year!

from my colleague/big bro @ work. :)

this keeps me warm before and after blading sessions, especially in the chilly feeder service to east coast, and freezer-cabs home late night. :) it's the same colour as my fleece blankie on my bed! it's like wearing my blanket...


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shanghai baby

earrings made by one very talented young lady, neishus, came in the mail today. :)

gorgeous packing with stylish details... complete with a label tag adorned by a ruby-red jewel. this girl takes pride in her designs, and rightly so!

a closer peek at the earrings reveals excellent handiwork... great attention to detail right down to perfectly round connection loops! i'm impressed!

thanks babe! you'll hear from me again, i'm sure! :)
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