December 4th, 2005


chinatown romp

with the KA (and fiance), and the NY (nicolette yeo).

we ate some food @ the chinatown market, and then headed to food street to eat some more. i was gobbling up a hugeass bowl of fishballs when suddenly, it started to pour. like, a super-sudden downpour with zero pre-warning. it was as if the heavens sneezed. we scampered to the shophouses at the side, with nic kindly assisting with grabbing my bowl of fishballs (fishbowl?) along with its tray. the CY (chinyuen) grabbed a coupla stools and we made a makeshift table for my continuation in consumption of fishballs.

so, we were squatters for awhile.

certainly a one-of-a-kind dining experience. :)

ps. ming fa fishballs @ food street are not too bad.
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salon day!

t'was my biannual salon session today.

i'm not sure how i managed to sit through these things in the past without my lappie. today was a breeze and a half. :) i love my ibook.
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an obituary

i dreamt i was back in melbourne again last night. my constantly recurring dream. i can only wish it wasn't just a dream, so i can be physically there for my ex-housemate-babe jean who has just lost her little boy on this day exactly a week ago.

this picture was taken the last time i saw him, nov 2004 when i went back to visit for a week. never would have guessed it would be the last... the sweetest little boy who loved those who loved him, ocha was the one dog who had more friends than most people do, the one dog who lived the fullest life any dog ever could, who will always be loved and remembered by all who knew him.

he was an integral part of the happy household... he'll live in our hearts forever.
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