December 18th, 2005


the second departure

the KA has left the building. i mean, country.

off on the second leg of their round-the-world-in-as-many-days-as-we-will tour, my best pal and her man flew off on 12th dec to myanmar. this short hiatus back here in singapore (due to the very excellent singapore army calling him back for reservist even though they knew he was overseas) was indeed much appreciated by her old pal here, who is now back to corn-deprivation.

on 7th dec (wed night), we had our 4-people gathering in the form of a good ol' singaporean hawker style dinner @ gluttons bay, at the KA's request since she will be deprived of such food and culture for awhile.

after slight discussion, barbecued seafood was decided upon. nic and i made our way to the brightly lit stall. alarm bells rang in my head when i saw the signage 'BOON TAT STREET SEAFOOD'. i ignored disturbing memories of being served stale food at their outlet at chinatown, telling myself that perhaps this one would be different, because they're part of gluttons bay. afterall, a different crew manages different outlets, no?


they are one and the same. maybe physically different human beings, but the same stale food was served. obviously they operate the same fuctup way. urgh. the squid tasted pretty good at first, though a few pieces were on the soggy side. the sambal was tasty, though we fatally overlooked the lake of oil swamping the dish. subsequently, i believe this was the dish that gave both nic and i food poisoning the following day. check out the swimming pool of oil on the leaf... without going into gross details here, i'll just say that i recognise that oil.

the barbecued stingray was just about average. the vegetables were atrocious! cardboard-like and nothing like the fresh display they put up at the stall.

i will not be eating at ANY boon tat street seafood outlet ANYWHERE, EVER AGAIN.

despite that, we had a really, really good time. we also made up for the crap food by buying $1 ice cream cones from the ah pek's station (really named such). the atap chee ice cream rocks! didn't take any pictures of it because i was too busy eating it.

parting was a little easier this time. :) i think we're getting better at this... and i know she'll be back again very soon.

see you next year, agent rawkus!


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good company fun

a night of food and fun on our bosses again! :)

we all got off work early and trundled over to brewerkz for dinner. many many pots of juicy mussels were gobbled down between all of us, along with yummilicious deep-fried squid rings and chicken wings! all the appetisers rocked.

the steak wasn't great. i'd give it a 5.5 out of 10. it was too tough and chewy. about five different sources (yes, we were all suckers for the steak) report the same sentiments. garlic butter was really nice to eat with the mash though. the mash was excellent, especially when hot.

i ordered a side dish of spinach which was just about average, but everyone chowed down on them because i suspect we were all feeling a little guilty about not eating enough greens this meal. heh.

mango magarita was average as well. a tad watery, and not enough slush. give me a magarita from alley bar any time!

this is our first outing with my team complete! :) and our first team photo! you can tell which two are my new babes, because the rest of us are just not shy. ;)

plus the rest of the chickadees from various departments. :) i'm glad we have such lovely peeps at work who are getting along great. and i hope we will keep up the camaraderie and stay clear of politics, which is a very common thing when any company expands. :)

after some clowning around at brewerkz, we proceeded to k box at marina square. a room for 20 people turned out to be a hugeass, luxury private room with a kickass pool table! imagine my delight. :)

we were also given a half-day off the following day, so we didn't have to rush home early. it was a pretty awesome night, all in all. a well-deserved treat for slogging our asses off all these long months.

like i said the last time, we gotta do this again!


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@ synn's on saturday. :)

the traditional italian cake smelt heavenly! alas, i didn't get around to eating any of it because we were too caught up munching on a home-made apple pie baked by one of synn's galpals!

the apple pie was a truly excellent piece of work! loveliest crust i've ever munched on... sure beats the upside-down crap at morton's!


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