January 4th, 2006


the last coffee 2005

tony was in town from taiwan! :) we caught up @ coffee club, raffles city on NYE arvo.

ok, so i lied. i didn't have a coffee. i had a vanilla milkshake. which was very good... with a generously big blob of vanilla ice cream in it. i slurped it all up in less than half an hour. it was one of those 'once you start, you can't stop' thingies.

tony's tiramisu latte was apparently not too bad too.

ps. i was actually going to check out epicurious @ robertson quay, recommended by [Hairy Donut]. but dang it! it was pouring like elephants' piss and blindly stumbling around in such conditions to find a cafe i've never been before didn't seem like a smart thing to do. ahem.

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with a few new friends and an old one. :)

caught the fireworks while scampering towards fullerton on foot, after having alighted from a very kind cabbie who suggested i depart instead of waiting with him in the horrendous traffic jam. i was undecided for a few minutes, feeling remorseful for leading him into this bumper-to-bumper situation, and he cheerfully assured me that i should go and see the fireworks. :) so even though i started 2006 in a cab with a stranger, i was with warm company and that's good enough for me.

stopped in my tracks to stare at the skies exploding with rosettes of brilliant colour.

finally managed to converge with clay and some of his pals, amidst a sea of peeps which must be like, half the nation turned out. ok, maybe less... but still a fuckload of peeps in neverending streams!

we parked ourselves in fullerton for drinkies and fun with hats.

or rather, the same hat.

not a single head escaped the evil clutches of said hat.

t'was a wicked way to spend the first hours of 2006, with some very cool peeps and easy camaraderie. :)

sustenance was required before a session of pool was to commence, and good old bak kut teh was decided upon.

this is not the first ya hua bak kut teh @ havelock road review here, but i must say the liver slices this time really takes the cake. the mostest tenderest i have ever sunk my teeth into... kidney slices were very well-cleaned, not overcooked, and was just the right texture. a very satisfying first meal of 2006 was thus gobbled down in much piggledy happiness. *burp*

by the time we got our arses to the pool place @ middle road, it was half an hour to closing time. :P nonetheless, i was happy to be holding a cue in the wee hours of this new year. i think, i would like to play more this year. :)

home to bed before sunrise.

i think i'm going to like 2006.


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shadow of the giant

the bad thing about taking pride in collecting the books i so love, is that i always run into problems collecting the entire series in the same publisher/cover.


history is about to repeat itself. my second set of orson scott card books is likely to end in the same way as the first...

this is my first set:

ender's game - legend
speaker for the dead - legend
xenocide - legend
children of the mind - orbit (arrrrrgh)

i searched everywhere. i borrowed a friend's copy to read because it was taking such a long time to find one published by legend. i must have been looking for a coupla years. no luck. in the end, i caved in and bought the copy published by orbit. :[

and then mr card started telling a parallel tale in a parallel series. words cannot describe how happy i was when this happened. the first three books of the shadow series were purchased quickly and devoured happily. imagine being treated to one of your favourite stories, all over again but in a different light. how wicked is that?

and then... the fourth book popped up. in hardcover.

which is only natural, books always get released in hardcover first.

so, i waited. because the first three i have are in paperback, published by orbit.

ender's shadow - orbit (A format)
shadow of the hegemon - orbit (A format)
shadow puppets - orbit (A format)
shadow of the giant - *tba*

and i waited.

everytime i pass a bookshop, i'd run in to have a looksee.

and i waited some more.

just checked the website. nope, still no paperback published. the status says, "not published yet". which means, it will be... it's just a matter of when. but with my arseluck, they'll publish the C format and leave all the poor peeps who bought the A format stuck.

*twiddles thumbs*

maybe i should just order everything in hardcover.

*twiddles toes*

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