January 13th, 2006


still ill

ill still, still ill.

third day on mc! can't remember the last time i had to be on sick leave for more than 2 days. sometimes i can even go to work while on mc...

anyways, perhaps this is a good time to post all the late entries i've accumulated (again). :P

coming right up!
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mad jack's and cha cha bar

dinner last week, with jean and clarry.

mad jack's is located on bukit timah road, near the police post. i believe it's the same spot where the big apple cafe used to be.

it was raining all day. i think it was probably the start of the rainiest week i have ever seen in singapore. jean and i had been wandering around in town, doing girly things like shopping, collecting clothes from the alteration shop and sending my work heels to the cobbler's, before we were to meet up with clarry for dinner.

fast forward to us in jean's car perched precariously on a slippery, wet slope of the entrance to a carpark at crown centre, bukit timah. the carpark was full. one attempt to reverse the car made us skid further downwards at the looming barrier.

the carpark attendant arrived at the scene and could not lift the barrier via manual operation. boggles the mind. should there not be a back-up system to open the gates, say, if the card-readers got jammed or something? perhaps with a security key or something?

the situation was eased only when a kind gentleman exited the carpark. imagine if no one was leaving till like two hours later. what happens in an emergency then? pffft.

anyways, by the time we parked, we were a tad too late for the japanese dinner clarry had intended for us. we settled for mad jack's instead.

it looked promising. service staff were super friendly. we decided to ignore the notice on the wall saying they needed a new chef, please apply within.

they do indeed need a new chef because the food was terrible. jean's baked rice truly sucked. they used the wrong type of rice and the wrong type of cheese, and overbaked the whole thing till it was way too dry. my chicken chop was drowning in an overly peppery sauce (which provoked my already unsettled tummy into great discomfort). the fries are quite excellent though. but then they decided to charge us $2 to add that cheese sauce (which i think is a little exhorbitant) and the amount of cheese was pathetic. it tasted good though. :P

clarry's steak was just about average.

i guess i will only go back there for the fries. unless they hurry up and hire that new chef.

we had to hunt down some po chai pills for my poor tummy before settling down at cha cha bar for after-dinner drinkies (i had warm water).

impressive service at this very chill open-air bar. my warm water was kept topped up, and no pressure to buy alkey. and i totally approve of their (albeit singular) toilet. very large, very clean, very well-maintained with ample supplies.

these things do make a difference.


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a stormy sunday arvo

it was pissing down with rain like there was no tomorrow. armed with a hugeass carebear brolly, i took the swim to holland village to see jean before her departure back to melbourne.

finally got to meet her (not that) new man, ed. :)

stamp of approval, signed and sealed.

ps. no, there is no such beverage known as hot honey lemon on the breko menu. do not try to order it, for it will never be re-created again (so says the breko lady)... just this once. ;)

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of duck rice and party world

with the KA (she's back! till CNY!). :D

she announced to her fiance mr cheng and myself that she has decided she was going to eat duck rice for dinner, regardless of other tangible factors (such as the wishes of the other people present, namely, her fiance and myself). so we followed. t'was a good thing she didn't decide on something horrible.

this was quite yummy. the only drawback was that they were a little too heavyhanded with the MSG. the soup was quite divine! a dark, herbal broth (which i suspect was also full of MSG). the dried beancurd wasn't very good though. duck slices were quite tender, and not quite enough (even for two tiny women). peanuts were nice and soft (but can be softer still). rice was savoury and not too bad.

we parted ways with mr cheng and went to meet WW (a different WW from my earlier posts), who is a friend of the KA's. some fun was had at party world @ orchard.


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king kong

was excellent!

favourite scene has to be the one where mr kk rips a coupla t-rex's apart. nicely done!

such a brilliant portrayal of this mighty one. i bet not a single member of any audience in the world can say that he/she didn't empathise with king kong in this movie. definitely broke a coupla million hearts around the world, he did.

in fact, there was a teenage girl sitting behind us who was bawling her eyes out through the final ten minutes before king kong finally tumbled down from the top of the empire state building. when i say bawling, i mean, loud, unabashed, no-holds-barred bawling. it was quite funny actually. i have never heard something like that in a cinema, only quietly sobbing types.

i thought i was gonna be quite sad when he finally died, but the bawling girl provided abit of a comic relief and took some of the edge off. :)

this was my last outing before i fell prey to current illness. :[
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