February 26th, 2006


ichiban boshi again

this time for lunch, with the babes @ work.

we'd been eating a lot of ichiban japo yummies during this period. :P enough to notice that different outlets have certain items on the menu which the others do not.

i decided to try one of the set lunches offered at the suntec city outlet.

a little pricey for lunch (S$18.80), but it was pretty damned good! especially if you love to eat fish, this set is simply divine! three kinds of the yummiest fish on the market, in seemingly small portions which fill you up surprisingly well. the tuna salad thingy was quite well-made too - very tasty and refreshing on the palate. miso soup was a little on the salty side (even for me) but scored on the fact that it contained heaps more ingredients than the norm.

it was a good lunch.


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la choupinette

the friday before last was my first day of leave. the plan was to wake up real early and do a spot of shopping in johor bahru with mingster.

both of us ended up sleeping late the night before, doing our own silly things. :P i was horrendously late, and mingster was pretty tired because she actually woke up and was on time. finally, i arrived at the bus stop and we hopped on the bus to jb.

as we neared the singapore customs, mingster gasped in horror, "OMG, i forgot my passport!"

we had a good laugh about it as we turned back around. she suggested having breakfast at this french cafe she blogged about recently, and it was an excellent alternative plan indeed!


this was so soooo good! :) the place itself was a charming little spot which transports you out of singapore instantly. service was prompt and friendly. and the food - WOW. mingster and i ordered two different types so we could swop around. i must say, both are really, really fuckin' fabulous breakfast choices. eggs are poached perfectly, salmon and ham slices tender and savoury, and the toast below wonderfully yummy. the serving is a little full on for girls... i left half of my second toast behind. i reckon a good plan next time will be to share one plate of eggs benedict and another something smaller on the other menus (which i didn't explore much because i was too enamoured by the eggs benedict menu).

S$17++ gets you a set of eggs benedict, a hot drink (tea or coffee) and a glass of juice. :)

this is definitely one of my favouritest brekkie spots now.

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