March 5th, 2006


fatigue, marche and aldo shoes

i'm tired. again. i feel like i ran through a wall.

yesterday was the hardestcore of saturdays for me. i woke up at 630am to get ready for my health screening in johor bahru. met mabel at 745am at raffles place, and went to join the group at her office nearby. the coach bus left at 830am. by 10am we were in malaysia, and by 11am we were sitting in the lab getting our blood samples taken. after that, we were treated to a buffet lunch at pan pacific, and a spot of shopping at city square. i thought i was gonna get heatstroke from all the walking around in the scorching sun. is it me or is malaysia twice as hot as singapore? goddamnit. i thought my brains were gonna fry. at 230pm we finally set off for singapore, and by the time i got home it was almost 4pm. i tried to rest with no success, and had to start getting ready for a wedding dinner at ritz carlton. my head was starting to pound, probably from the sun and the long bus-hours. popped two panadol actifasts and went on my way. it turned out i was the earliest to arrive and had to wait for my babes... my surroundings were starting to turn swoony around that time. i managed to last till 10pm, which was about four courses into the dinner. almost passed out during the video presentation, luckily i didn't fall off the chair. so i packed myself off into a cab and zoomed home.

slept about 12 hours today and my head feels like a brick.

anyways, my photographs are piling up again and i think i will try and post a few tonight. starting from where i left off last...

will be keeping things brief here.

marche still does a mean lamb chop! i used to be a big fan of lamb chops served up at their heeren outlet, and have stopped for awhile. they used to use a more generous cut with more meat and less tendons, and i stopped when they changed. not sure why i decided to give it a chance again but it was still melt-in-your-mouth goodness! a tad pricey - S$15.50 for three slices and not a lot of meat, but still very yummy.

and these are the shoes i didn't buy. i loved the front part, but hesitated because the heel didn't quite appeal to me (i think it was a little matron-ish). i asked if i could take a photo of them to show my friends, and the salesgirl serving me said ok. after i snapped the pic, another salesgirl came up and said, "actually, we can't let you do that". she didn't seem quite sure of herself and i switched into my incredulous bitch-mode.

"if you need to clear this with someone, call them now and i'll speak to them"

so she did, but i didn't even have to talk to anyone. after about 20 seconds on the phone, she meekly told me, it was all ok. and she couldn't look me in the eye throughout the entire incident.

what is it with singapore and inflexibility?

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ikea day

a coupla weeks ago now. :P it was my last day of leave and mingster's last day of rest before her first day @ her new job. so we met up for a romp in the west. :)

i had to satisfy my craving for swedish meatballs, of course. what is it that they put in that magical brown gravy that i can eat on ANYTHING? i always ask for an extra helping of the gravy. :)

visiting ikea always makes me happy. despite the fact that ikea things never last very long and are mass-produced, and people 'in the know' like myself are supposed to frown upon ikea purchases... i am still a sucker for ikea. :)

after stocking up on some glassware, mingster and i headed for anchorage to do a spot of supermarketing. i love supermarkets too. what a wonderful day of exploring aisles and peering at products. we sat down at delifrance to rest our tired feet and i had a bowl of green pea and sausage soup. was kinda strange. i ordered it because it sounded quite interesting. well, it wasn't.

we had a good chin-wag over a rather nice sunset through the tall glass walls, then headed home for an early night to face our respective challenges the following day.


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