April 24th, 2006


post-surgery post

i got through today. :)

the good news is, it went better than i expected. after a harrowing morning, pre-surgery jitters, trying not to faint from not having food, and a minor freak-out upon learning it would not be GA (my doctor then promised me that i wouldn't feel a thing and i'd be nicely knocked out), i shivered for what seemed like an eternity in the cold, cold operation theatre, got told by doc that i would feel a tiny mozzie sting on my hand where sedation was to be injected into me (it definitely hurt more than a mozzie sting, dammit), doc started talking to me about playing pool and snooker and the last thing i remember was him saying he had a snooker table to give away... (i wanted to say i'd take it if i had the space... but my eyes closed and i could speak no more).

i slept the best sleep ever. free of dreams. no running thoughts, no frantic missions, no falling, no flying, no nothing.

and now, for the bad news.

doc told me my previous blood test result had nothing to do with my current condition for which the surgery was done. "it is a different part of the body altogether. i will be sending you to another specialist in time to come. but today, we'll cross this hurdle first, before tackling the next", he said so calmly that i can't help but believe him that i will cross both.

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