July 29th, 2006


an old favourite

the kalla boo (aka the KA) and i used to nuke baby potatoes as snacks, when we were impatient 14-year-olds. i'd forgotten about this super-easy, duper-yummy snack for many years now... until i saw a bag of baby potatoes in marketplace @ raffles city, while buying up a storm of comfort foods the other day. i couldn't resist grabbing some.

so i brought them to the office one morning and took a trip down memory lane making these. :)

1. wash potatoes well (potato skin has heaps of good stuff and should be consumed... it's yummy too).
2. poke potatoes all around with a fork.
3. get cheese slices out from fridge and put on top of microwave.
4. nuke potatoes in microwave on high for 4 minutes 30 seconds.
5. drape softened cheese slices over potatoes.
6. nuke on low for 30 seconds.
7. sprinkle chives.
8. eat while hot!


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mama africa

the friday before last, mel and i had an unexpected, wicked night out at mama africa's in far east square.

i'd not been in a pub for a good half a year, at least.

i picked up a cue again and broke a few hearts around the table. teehee. just kidding. it felt good to get my game back. t'was funny, because i was a little pissed on half a glass of red (which was all i had) and didn't expect to play well at all. we did meet a few awesome peeps and had quite a ball.

decent table, decent crowd. coupla sharp-shooters. not half-bad, this place.

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