August 16th, 2006



i've been working for 14 hours! with a coupla hours for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a quick shower in between. :)

here's a short and sweet one before i pack myself off to bed.

for the first time since middle of last year, i feel like i'm alive. my time is my own to control, and my work is being appreciated. i see progress, and i see rewards.

i've just accepted another project, so my days are even more full now. but it's all good. :) after both projects are done, i will have some time to myself to relax, exercise, and do all the things i want to do.

it felt so good to be able to see my hair stylist dexter in the daytime yesterday. i don't have to rush over to the salon after work in the evenings anymore. i don't have to battle peak hour traffic anymore. and i don't have to wait for my turn anywhere, anyhow.

basically, i can do anything i want, anytime of the day.


i still have at least two backdated food entries coming up. these are two of my favourites, because they were just before my dental operation. i had planned two fabulous meals because i knew i wouldn't be eating well for awhile. so stay tuned!

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