August 18th, 2006



this has taken top spot for my favourite dinner of all time so far. :)

so, it was the friday before my dental operation. earlier during the week, i'd rung mel up for ideas for a good dinner on friday, since it would be my last extravagant meal before subjecting myself to dental torture. she suggested [garibaldi]. i took a peek at their menu on their website, and was immediately charmed. within minutes, i had our table booked.

and we eagerly looked forward to friday...

garibaldi bakes its own bread! this bread was heavenly. it was honestly one of the yummiest breads i've ever eaten. we had to hold back from binging on the bread to save space for the good stuff. it wasn't easy.

i had trouble making up my mind on the appetisers. they all sounded so good! i had an insane desire to order four appetisers. mel helped out by ordering one of those i was eyeing, the beef carpaccio. i picked the foie gras, and that leaves two for next time. :) both dishes were flawless. a generous serving of foie gras melted in our mouths, and the raw beef slices were fresh and surprisingly light on the palate with cheese and rocket leaves.

there was considerably less doubt for me while deciding on my main course. when i saw 'tenderloin with truffle potatoes and porcini mushrooms' in the menu, my choice was clear. and with that, lawry's has been toppled from my number one steak place. garibaldi does a superb tenderloin. perfectly medium rare, a tender pink with traces of blood. truffle potatoes was really the cincher for me to decide on ordering this, i love the taste of truffle oil sooooo soooooo much. porcini mushrooms wrapped up the trio of flavours wonderfully. i was in foodie heaven. even though the portion was quite large, i ate every little bit of it, right down to the last mushroom. :P

mel chose the lamb, which is done in three different styles. it's a wonderful idea, but she didn't quite like the lamb cutlets and braised lamb as much as she did the lamb chops.

we had not intended to get dessert at first, but after watching three different people around us order the same thing, we were intrigued. so we jumped on the band wagon and shared a molten lava chocolate cake. i'm not a big chocolate fan, as you all might know, but this was very, very good. the hot chocolate lava oozed out of the cake and went down very nicely with ice cream and pastry.

service was impeccable. i was greeted warmly at the door and sincere smiles were all around. from the minute we stepped in till the last bite and goodbye, we were very well looked after. it was such a beautiful dining experience. definitely one to be repeated.

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