August 26th, 2006


q bar

this was the saturday night out before my dental operation. it feels like such a long time ago now... almost an entire month! so much has happened since. :)

my hair was so out of control. i've chopped lots of it off, by the way. i don't quite look like that anymore. there're about 5 entries i've to catch up on before all of youse can get to see the present me. :P

yes, i'm anal-retentive about posting things in order. so only baking tag entries get to cut the queue.

but i'll try to get all that catching up done this weekend. yes, i'm done with project A! feeling a little sad that it has concluded actually. i always feel this way when i get hooked on a teevee series and it comes to an end.


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ps cafe

this is the long-awaited-for breakfast entry!

it was the sunday before my dental operation. i'd done a fantastic dinner at garibaldi on the friday just past by then, and definitely needed a great breakfast to complete my mission to eat well before dental torture. i'd say breakfast is actually my favourite meal of the day. i love breakfasts!

so i managed to drag one of my oldest pals, stryke, out to brekkie with me on this beautiful sunday morning (ok, it was about 2pm but it was still sunday morning to me). i've known stryke for about 17 years now. we've been brothers for the most part of that. we've once concluded that i somehow morph into a guy when i hangout with him and we're more like brothers instead of siblings. ha!

i'd been wanting to get my little ass to ps cafe for awhile. what better time to do it than for my favourite meal of the day? i've heard good things about their dinner menu and service as well, so that's for exploration on another day.

after getting a little lost driving round and round the little network of roads in that area, we finally got there. brunch crew are apparently not the same as the dinner crew, which explains the slightly slow service. my berry tea came with loads of assorted fruit nestled at the bottom of my tall glass - very yummy to drink the chilled tea and munch on strawberries, blueberries and raspberries at the same time.

stryke's pork loaf was a bit of a let down. we both expected a pork loaf to be a much more meat-substantial portion. i also felt the pork was a little dry. nothing outstanding at all. stryke reckons he'd be happy with this meal if he was a goat. the description in the menu certainly didn't hint at the fact that it was such a green dish.

my poached eggs on portobello stack was absolutely fantabulous. eggs were poached nicely (though they could have been slightly runnier) and went beautifully with the mushrooms. i love mushrooms. i love eggs. the other good stuff on the plate include grilled tomatoes, bacon and spinach. exactly the sort of breakfast i used to make for myself, except i'd add sliced baby potatoes fried in butter with garlic on top of all that.

the outdoor seating area is quite nice, if it isn't a hot or stuffy day. fabric chairs are wicked to lounge in, and feel a little like hammocks. the entire establishment exudes a raw but chic style which is very charming.

quite a pricey breakfast it was, at about $60 for 2. while i felt that my share was worth the indulgence, that pork loaf thing needs to be taken off the menu.

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