August 28th, 2006


show me the ropes

before i went on my dental leave, i'd decided to get myself a new skipping rope because i was killing my old rope, the reebok bat-wings weighted rope.

check out the state of the bat-wings. tsk tsk. time for them to go to skipping rope heaven. they were a great workout for people with not enough time, because they were really quite heavy and it took quite a bit of effort just to skip on them for 10 minutes.

however, they definitely aren't very hardy. :p i've only had them for less than a year. during the last coupla skips, i was losing bits of rubber all over the floor.

the new rope is a speed rope and is oh-so-light! suddenly, i was going MUCH faster. that also means i have to skip for a longer time each time. but i'm liking the feel of this rope quite very much. it lets me skip light when i'm not up for a heavy workout, while the old bat-wings just made me flat-tired everytime.

the new rope also looks (and feels) like it's not going to crumble to pieces all over the place. yay! :)

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food to swallow

this is an example of what i ate for a week, after my dental trauma.

painstakingly snipped to bits with scissors.


i have to go through this again. urgh. giving myself a coupla months to grow some gums over the gaping hole where the bone can still be seen within. thank fuck it doesn't hurt anymore. drinking water hurt like a motherfucker for about 3 whole weeks.

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here's one more meal with stryke, this time @ robertson quay.

it was 12th august, a saturday.

after 2 weeks of drinking my food, i'd finally ventured out for a meal. :)

we'd just been to a school-group reunion thingy on that particular saturday, where many old faces came together for one nostalgic arvo. there were people aged 13 and there were people aged 53. or older... i can't be sure who the oldest dude was. and some people just seriously use the same face throughout their lives, don't they? with minimal wrinkles and other ravages of time.

i was famished after that, because i wasn't confident of tackling the catered food during the event. since this was my first meal out after such a bloody long time, i didn't want to eat 'just anywhere'. i thought of the recommendation by a certain hairy donut, and off we went to robertson quay.

we got there as the sun was about to set. epicurious is blessed with a lovely little pocket of greenery right beside its seating area, creating a quaint garden atmosphere to dine in. the owner, karen, showered us with warm, affable attention. i mentioned that the place came recommended and she was extremely delighted.

starters were very generous portions. the salmon tatare, one of their best-sellers, was very savoury and came with 4 pieces of toasted bread. the bread was way too tough for my weak jaws to handle (after not being used much for 2 weeks) and we had to ask for softer, lightly toasted bread. those went down very nicely with the salmon indeed. i also preferred the softer bread because it could soak up the salmon better and didn't 'sit' on it like it did on the harder bread. other than that, it would have been even better if the seasoning was a little less salty. still, quite an enjoyable appetiser, it was.

the mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto tasted quite divine. very sinful, but that's usually linked with 'divine' anyway. :) the food could have been styled better (it was a bit of a mess on the plate), but i guess it's still the taste that matters most in the end.

we ordered lamb and beef for our mains because we both felt like eating both. the lamb cutlets were not as tender inside as we expected, they were a little more medium-well than the medium-rare we asked for. but the portion was very generous indeed, compared to usual miserable lamb cutlets at most other places. mushrooms on the side were very yummy, grilled to a firm, chewy consistency.

i love how they serve the sauces in little jars. :)

my beef was quite nicely done. i'd say this sits just one notch below les bouchons. the fact that i could chew it without much difficulty proved that it was tender enough. :P the herb sauce i chose was fuckin' excellent. i love savoury stuff, and this one was made with anchovies and herbs. it certainly added a nice kick to the steak.

garlic mash was awesome! i love garlic, and i love potato. if they added a tiny sprinkling of herb in this, it would have been perfect.

karen came out to have a chat with us, and stryke being stryke (he 'strykes' up conversations with strangers everywhere, anytime, about anything under the sun), gives her a detailed run-down on his expectations of a good lamb cutlet. she thanked us for the feedback and said she would like us to try her upside-down apple crumble, on the house. this was very, very good! i was stuffed by then, but i couldn't help but tuck into it anyway. made without any sugar, the crumble underneath was nice and warm, and went perfectly with the ice cream on top. and surprisingly, it was still sweet, yet not overwhelmingly so. :) it was a delightful and healthy way to end a meal.

total bill came up to approximately $100 for 2 pax, excluding the dessert.

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man on a mission

i hereby present my friend, [the kuta crusader].

jay is currently in bali, and is gallivanting around the beaches with a beer in one hand and his blow-up doll in the other...

a quote from mr crusader:

Besides being a personal trip to save myself from the clutches of societal expectations as a Singaporean, i also intend to blog my 2 month journey in Bali and hope to raise awareness of safe sex in the process.

much respect for doing this, dude. and write more, you lazy ass!

ps. nice folk who don't find rude people funny, i'd suggest not clicking on his blog. :)

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