September 20th, 2006


mmm... donut

i like donuts. :) but i'd never had a krispy kreme before, prior to vanessafrida's generous gesture to present me with my first. thanks babe! :)

it was awesome. even though it was a little stiff after being transported around from hong kong to singapore to ness's place to traveling in her bag through our dinner sesh and finally into my greedy grubby little hands, it was the best donut i'd ever eaten. during the journey home, i held it in my hands and i could smell it through the plastic baggie. munched it for supper soon after i got home and i think the glazing must contain some magic fairy dust or something. the dough was just the right density and the aroma was heavenly!

one day, i will get to a krispy kreme shoppe and eat a fresh one right there and then. :)

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black leather luxuries

there's something about the smell and touch of leather that is just so irresistible. especially black leather. mmm...

i walked very tall in those shoes. the air was fresher up there for sure. :p i walked with a different stride and i could feel it. the new leather cuffed my tootsies a little so i didn't last more than 2 and a half hours in them, but i got a good kick from walking so tall nonetheless. methinks they will be wonderful stilts once the leather gets nicely seasoned.

absolutely loving the new notebook. especially that beautiful smell... i keep sniffing it like some glue/amyl-nitrate addict. i got this one to fit in my bumbag, since my older leather notebook is a size for sitting my handbag. now that i'm living the good life of a freelancer, i'm almost always with my bumbag instead of having my handbag slung on my shoulder. :)


sugar high

one sunny late arvo a coupla weeks ago, i hung out in salsarina's work neighbourhood and she took me to the kickass local bakery where i saw these kickass meringue offerings...

are they gigantic or what? simply could not resist buying a vanilla enormeringue to try. i must say that my healthy living in the past few months must have re-tuned my tastebuds somewhat (i have a super sweet tooth and like things very salty as well... extremist tastebuds) because although the meringue was very, very good, i found it very, very sweet after i munched down half of it. but maybe that's normal because it's humongous!

probably just the right size for sharing between two or three peeps. :)

though sal says she's had a whole rose meringue before and it rocked.

i want to try that lavender one next!