September 27th, 2006



the same day i hung out with my babe, miss salsarina in her work neighbourhood (yes, the same day i came across those giganormous meringues), we decided to treat ourselves to a good dinner. it felt just like the thing to do, since it's been a long time since we hung out like that. :)

after some wandering about and lots of evaluation, we decided on aburiya.

most people who have walked past this place would probably have made it a point to go have a meal there sometime. aburiya is a japanese charcoal grill restaurant which supplies the most heavenly smells to the surrounding areas.

it's probably my third visit to this little eatery. the last visit was mingster's birthday last year, if i remember correctly. we had a ball. :)

this time, sal and i decided to go all out and share a set meal for 2.

we had a Set D:

- kimchi nori (assorted kimchi)
- nikujyaga (beef and potato stew)
- horenso salad (spinach salad)
- jo tan shio (prime beef tongue)
- jo karubi (prime short rib)
- jo rosu (beef loin)
- harami (outside skirt)
- tamago soup (egg soup)
- gohan (rice)
- ice cream (green tea, vanilla, strawberry or chocolate)

anticipating the hugeass amount, we tried to prioritise. rice, kimchi and tasty beef stew were consumed in minimal sips and nibbles. that was still not enough to see us through the entire meal though. the portions may not look like much, but damn do they all add up! prime short ribs were the most succulent, juicy, tender morsels ever. dripping with juices and the right amount of fat, each piece melted in our mouths beautifully. beef loin was a little disappointing - it was rather tough and chewy. beef tongue was chewy too, but had a great flavour and we found it quite nice if we roasted it past well-done. kinda like beef jerky. the weirdly-named portion called outside skirt was surprisingly quite yummy and definitely more tender than the beef loin.

on top of all that, we got greedy and ordered a serving of foie gras. :D the good people of aburiya are very generous with their foie gras indeed. look at those hugeass pieces! the entire foil tray is put on the grill and the liver gets gently grilled in loads of butter. very yummy - but it must be eaten hot. cold foie gras is not a nice thing to put into your mouth. :) at aburiya, you can re-heat it yourself!

the egg soup was almost totally neglected, i believe. in fact, i don't remember anything about it. :p the spinach salad was great to munch on between mouthfuls of meat - not just good for health but great to offset the heavy taste on the palate as well.

after stuffing our faces satisfactorily, i craved a little bit of plum wine. sal ordered a very yummy milky sake, served cold in the nicest sake bowl. it was delicious. and my choya, well... choya is always good. :)

we almost forgot about our ice creams, which were part of the set menu. not much to say about my vanilla scoop because you can't go wrong with vanilla :p but sal's green tea ice cream deserves a special mention. i seldom order green tea ice cream because i find most too heavy on the green tea flavour. this one rocked because it was creamy. i loved it. i love creamy stuff.

t'was a great dinner with a great babe. i had a really, really good time. :)

i'm going to start being more constructive in my entries, and include all the location and contact details i can get hold of for every place i visit. i think this will save all you nice peeps a lot of trouble. :)

our set menu was S$80. total bill came up to approximately just over S$100, with the extra foie gras and two alkeys. aburiya has two outlets, listed below. please, please book in advance because this place gets packed out during mealtimes. not a good idea to rock up and try to get a table right away, unless you eat off-peak.

robertson quay
60 robertson quay
#01-03 the quayside
singapore 238252
tel: (65) 6735 4862

holland village
17e lorong liput
singapore 277731
tel: (65) 6464 6536