October 6th, 2006


sushi tei

about a month ago, when mingster was still in singapore, we hungout heaps to maximise time together before her departure. one day after some shopping with larry, we headed to sushi tei @ ngee ann city for dinner.

i'd always seen this place from the outside while being stuck in the constant-length cab queue alongside the nice glass windows. in fact, it took a long time to register in my head that this place is sushi tei. i tend to stare blankly when being made to wait. :p

so, it was a great idea to check it out at last.

those baby cuttlefishies were the cutest things ever! and so yummy too! very similar to baby octopus which are more commonly served up as cold appetiser, these babies just hit the right spot. deliciously cold, springy-chewy texture and seasoned sweet to whet the appetite.

i was delighted to find salmon avocado handrolls on the menu. had to munch one to make a comparison. not bad, but ichiban still wins on this item. sushi tei's version is generously filled and quite yummy - but ichiban minces its fillings so you don't drag out the whole piece of salmon when trying to take a bite.

also had to order the hanasaki ika tempura (squid tempura) which is also another signature item at ichiban. sushi tei does a pretty close version. the only thing i could detect was that the batter is a wee bit thicker than ichiban's.

mingster's vege miso was average, while larry's egg soba was quite badly done. it was soggy and overcooked. and tasteless. sashimi platters were suitably satisfying. shishamo were the largest i've ever seen, but not the freshest i've tasted.

i guess it was a bit of a hit and miss. ichiban still tops my list for budget japanese cuisine. :) this ngee ann city sushi tei is in a great location though.

check out sushi tei's website for addresses and telephone numbers of all their outlets: