October 29th, 2006


val and sakae sushi

one of my closest melbourne galpals, val has moved back to singapore! :) this is a great month for me, i've gotten two mates back after losing mingster to japan. life isn't so cruel after all. :)

after many squeals of delight upon seeing each other again, we wandered around looking for a nice place for some japanese wine, but to no avail. finally, we ended up at the new sakae sushi at The Atrium (next to plaza singapura). no choya or sake here either, but we tucked into some pretty decent japanese yums.

i think sakae has revamped their menu because i've never seen some of the stuff before. t'was good time to try them out. :)

we went for the prawn sashimi after i reasoned to myself that they were very little prawns and if i break out in allergy rashes i would be going home after this anyway. :) it was a good choice indeed. this was the first time i've had raw prawns and they rock! super tender and melted in our mouths beautifully. this is something i'm definitely having again. and again.

whitebait tempura was a disappointment. the batter wasn't crispy at all. maybe the whitebait wasn't dry when they were dipped to fry? the peppery taste was quite nice though... if they can get the texture right, this could be pretty awesome. squid tempura was a hit. squid pieces were hugeass and very satisfying. beneath crispy tempura batter were smooth, juicy morsels of squidy-yumminess. downside was the portion was tiny. i guess because each piece was quite big.

the scallops came looking impressive. but the taste turned out rather... interesting. it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. there was something about that creamy sauce that didn't hit the right spot precisely.

i had a spicy salmon handroll to finish up and boy, was it spicy! not too bad, but i think if the spiciness was just a notch down, it wouldn't overwhelm the salmon so much.

approximately $50+ for all that, plus a beer for val and a lychee juice for me.

for more information, check out http://www.sakaesushi.com.sg