January 9th, 2007


bunny in the headlights of an on-coming car

alright, that's gotta be the longest subject of any of my entries in my journal so far.


i need to get off my little arse and do things.

i have 9 days.

i have a fuckload of things to do before leaving.

i suddenly wonder if i'm ready to leave.

i have a flock of butterflies in my tummy and an army of ants in my pants.

i'm getting off the chair now...

tomorrow, the madness begins!

din tai fung

i can't believe it took me this long to find out how wonderful din tai fung is. :)

one day in december, we were moseying around town when jean was still in singapore. after she scooted off to her dinner appointment, val and i wandered around looking for some light bites when we saw the queue outside din tai fung at wisma atria.

"must be good", we reasoned to ourselves (so singaporean hor? funny because we are two of the least singaporean peeps around. i guess we have our moments...)

so we joined the queue happily, not minding the wait since we had lots to babble on about anyway (as usual). it was more than a 20-minute wait but it passed in the blink of an eye (or the wag of a tongue... )

this was some kickass drunken chicken! it was so good it should be illegal. perfectly chilled, no loose globs of fats or skin dangling, and just the right amount of chinese wine. i admit that i'm one of those peeps who'd usually remove chicken skins on their plates, but the skin on this drunken chicken was simply divine - firm, succulent and slightly springy. beautiful texture, it was.

the plate was clean in a matter of minutes.

the next thing that astounded us was how we could pick up our soup dumplings with just chopsticks and pop them unbroken into our greedy mouths. the skin of each dumpling was nice and thin, yet held up well when grappled unceremoniously. soup within each dumpling was deliciously warm and savoury. these babies truly put crystal jade's soup dumplings to shame!

our last dish didn't fare so well though. by then we were rather satisfied and already din tai fung converts, so it wasn't too big a deal that the pork and shrimp dumplings were extremely ho-hum. the skins of these dumplings were too thick, the pork within was rather tough, and the shrimps were overcooked. definitely not ordering these again.

we were back there again a week later - no pictures of the second sesh because it was a total munch-fest. :)

this reminds me that i have to eat a din tai fung meal before i leave for melbourne... :)

din tai fung
435 orchard road
#02-24 wisma atria
tel: 6732 1383